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Skill sets
10-11 years experience in each of the following skill sets, as well as the ability to quickly acquire new skills and master new technologies.
Network Administration
Designed, implemented and maintained network topologies that include private firewalled, public, virtual private, backup, and storage area networks.
Configured and monitored Cisco 7200, 26xx, and 67x routers, Cisco 5500 and 5002 switches, Linksys routers and switches.
Monitored and analyzed networks with Retina, CaptureNet, PeepNet, Snort, Ethereal, MRTG, NT PerfMon, and NT NetMon.
Maintained and configured Inter-Tel Axxess Phone systems.
Systems Administration
Install, configure and maintain Windows Desktop and Servers Win9x - 2008 Server, Redhat Linux 5.2 - 7.2 on intel and sparc architectures, Redhat Enterprise Linux 3 - 5, SUN Solaris 9, SCO Unix, and IOS 12.
Configure and maintain clustered, high availability Linux, Windows NT Enterprise and Windows 2000 Advanced Server environments.
Administer Microsoft SQL, Sybase SQL, DB2, and MySQL Servers, Microsoft IIS 4.0 - 7.0, Apache 1 and 2, various mail servers, FTP servers, DNS, backup, and VPN servers.
Application Development
Involved with every step of application development: planning, analysis, design, implementation, and support.
Able to develop with legal compliance restrictions in mind.
Program in Visual Basic, C#, Perl, Bash script, VBscript, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, and Transact-SQL. Render HTML, XHTML, and XML markup languages. Implement web services in PHP and .NET WCF.
Prepared many forms of documentation such as Business Plans, Business Use Cases, Business Development Roadmaps, Disaster Recovery Plans, Business Continuity Plans, Security Policies, Technology Audits, Application Design Specifications, 3rd party Implementation Guides, Detailed Application Functionality, Project Plans and Gantt Charts.
Managed teams of employees, and teams of outsourced developers. Evaluated employee performance, and provided reports.
Developed and delivered technical training to peer groups.
Worked with clients and technical partners throughout application development to assure client satisfaction.
Provided end-user technical support by phone, email and in person.
MicroBilt Corporation
  CTO of the PRBC Division of MicroBilt 12/2008 - Present
Manage the development and maintenance of the business information systems of an FCRA compliant credit bureau. Work with partner financial institutions, data furnishers, and end users to integrate disparate systems and produce useful, effective, secure, intuitive, and cost effective solutions to solve Microbilt's business objectives for PRBC.
Pay Rent, Build Credit, Inc.
  Chief Technology and Privacy Officer 7/2003 - 12/2008
Managed the development and maintenance of the business information systems of an FCRA compliant credit bureau. Established the initial web presence for the company, scoped the Statements of Work and managed the IBM technical implementation team to launch Release 1.0 of the service. Managed all systems and delivered all subsequent Releases. Worked with partner financial institutions, payment processors, property management companies, professional service organizations, and end users to integrate disparate systems and produce useful, effective, secure, intuitive, and cost effective solutions to solve Pay Rent, Build Credit's unique business objectives.
  Vice President, Partner 9/1998 - 12/2003
Partner consultant for a small consulting firm, providing services including system planning and architecture, data gathering and analysis, database design and integration, e-commerce and web-based applications, network design and implementation.

In-house and out-of-house application design and implementation, network management, and database architecture.
Casino Marketing Systems, Inc.
  Director of Technology 1/2001 - 7/2003
Managed all Information Technologies for a small click-and-mortar company specializing in providing turn key promotions and new media advertising streams for the gaming industry.

Designed, developed and supported the company's web-based applications and associated databases, public and private network management, and telecommunications administrator. Contributed to marketing concept development.
Infinetways, Inc.
  Sr. Programming Manager 10/1999 - 1/2001
Managed the application development for a hosting and e-commerce development service provider.

Managed programmers and network administrators. Acted as technical advisor for clients creating new applications. In-house and out-of-house application design and implementation. Network and system troubleshooting. Mentor and technical resource for network administrators. Database administration.
Keane, Inc.
  Technical Support Manager 2/1998 - 10/1999
Managed a team of 10 technical support engineers that provide phone support for Microsoft products.

Evaluated and established goals and service level expectations for team members. Ensured that goals and service levels are maintained and implemented corrective action when necessary. Monitored team members' technical calls. Evaluated team member performance. Developed and delivered technical training to team members and new hires. Assisted in determining required staffing levels, coordinated with recruiting and participated in the hiring process.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Windows NT 4.0 Since 9/1999
Western Connecticut State University
Marketing Major 1995-1996
Furnished upon request.